Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: What’s Holding You Back?

Let me start out by saying, that while there are a lot of things that we can say hold us back from pursuing our dreams, I can guarantee that the majority of them can be grouped under the category of fear. Do any of these sound familiar? Fear of failure, fear of success, other’s perception, perfectionism, fear of money (making too much or too little), insecurity, popularity, offending others, not knowing enough, too young, too old, and so on. 

I’ve had this site for over a year, and this is the first post I’ve written. Yeah, that would be me falling on the “Do I really know enough?” side of the fear spectrum.

Fear comes in many disguises and generally has a negative effect on most people. It shuts us down at the most inopportune moment and leaves us feeling weak and unable to move forward.  I should know. I’ve been there many times throughout my career. It nearly stopped me from launching a book publishing company in 2006 and continued to greet me at various crossroads over the next decade, including the launch of this business last year. It’s amazing how the “invisibles” of life can have the most impact on how we function.

For me,  I’ve found that the “sink or swim” method always works best —hold your breath, dive in, and start treading water. If not, I will continue to stand in the middle of that deserted island waiting for that shooting star, fairy dust, or unicorn to magically transport me to Successland. It’s not gonna happen.

When it comes to reaching for our dreams, I’ve learned these truths:

I am 100% responsible for achieving them.

No one else can start them.

There’s no such thing as a perfect beginning.

I have to do the work.

The success of others does not influence my own potential for success positively or negatively.

Paving my own path is hard, dirty, tiring and full of potholes, but when I do it anyway, I grow stronger.

Fear always clues me in on which direction I should be headed (I got that gem from THIS BOOK.- affiliate.)

I was created for a purpose and as long as I continue to believe in that purpose, success is imminent.

Always try to remember that each day you have another opportunity to pursue greatness. Fear will always be present and will continue to try to disguise itself to throw you off track, but you’ve got this. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t care so much.

Have an amazing week!

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